1. Do you take suggestions?


2. Where are my buttons? I haven’t received them yet.

We at No Agenda Buttons are a small-batch button producer going through old-fashioned mail to send out free buttons. Some things take time.

3. How much postage do I need?

The buttons plus card weigh roughly 30 grams not including your envelope. Six dollars U.S. postage should be enough to get anywhere in the good ol’ US of A. International requests should talk to their respective countries postal services about how much postage to use.

4. Six dollars of postage seems high. Why that much?

You want to make sure you get these beauties right? Plus we mentioned they are free otherwise right?

5. Why are you doing this?

Because it is the best podcast in the universe. Plus, who doesn’t love buttons? Truthfully we at No Agenda Buttons are long-term douchbags who need some redemption.

6. Why only 5 per envelope?

To make sure it goes through the mail smoothly. You want more? Send more envelopes.

7. What type of envelope should I use?

Any envelope should work fine as long as it can easily fit an unfolded 4 inch x 6 inch postcard (10.16cm x 15.24cm). Padded envelopes are recommended.

8. If I want multiples of the same button, how do I do that?

If you would like multiples of one button, just type the quantity after the name of the button desired. You are still only limited to a maximum of 5 buttons per envelope.